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Why use Voice Message Advertising?

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The Benefits of Using Voice Message Broadcasting aka:

Voice Message Advertising or  Interactive Message Delivery

Lower Marketing Costs - Your selling cost can be reduced by 80%! You eliminate the need to hire extra employees or have your present employees do additional work. VMB calls cost just pennies per call. You defray printing, postage expenses, temporary labor and administrative costs. 

Maximize Your Existing Customer Base - Are you getting the most from your current customers? Fish where the fish are! Your greatest opportunity to increase revenues lies in your existing customer base. Customer response to a specific promotional message from VMB will often result in additional purchases. One of the easiest ways to build profits in a tough market is through multiple sales. 

Interactive Equals The Human Touch - VMB gives your message the personality it needs, recorded in your own voice with all the tone, inflection, and excitement you expect from a sales call. And because VMB is interactive, your customer becomes much more involved. They participate actively by responding to your question(s) with a numeric choice, or by leaving you a message, or by connecting live to your company. 

The Cutting Edge Of Technology - Our VMB network offers you and your customers state-of-the-art message delivery system features:

Scheduled delivery hours 
Answer machine recognition 
Fax machine recognition 
Modem recognition 
Touch-tone response menu 
Recorded response 
Transfer to live call 
Do-not-call option 
Message forwarding 
Message notification 
Pager support 
Group message distribution 
Automatic call distribution 
Call logging 

“Voice Broadcasting delivers a higher response rate than direct mail with the speed & 
low-cost advantage of e-mail... all this combined with the warmth of a personal call.”

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Why use VMB? 


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