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Voice Message Broadcasting - VMB   Benefits of Voice Message Broadcasting

 What We Do . . .



What we do . . .

Interactive Message Delivery Service 

aka: Voice Message Broadcasting / Advertising  

is a simple three step process.

1.  Record your message in your own voice. Or we will record it for you using voice professionals and professional scripting 

2.  Provide us with your calling list - the database of your contacts' telephone numbers.  We provide White Page Listings FREE...

We can also provide you with specialized data . . .  

3.  Advise us when you would like your messages delivered. 


We will quickly reach hundreds, thousands, even millions of your contacts.

Interactive Message Delivery Service has the technical capability of contacting 10,000 numbers in about 10 minutes! We eliminate delays that cost you time and money.

Why hire additional employees or burden present associates? We will do the work for you.

Interactive Message Delivery Service knows who, how, and when your message is delivered.

We automatically re-calls "no answer" or busy signals. Our system immediately determines whether the call is answered live, by an answering machine, fax machine, modem, or intercept tone.


We educate your calling list with your specific message!

Your contacts can be prompted to reply with a numeric option via their telephone key pad: "Call me - I'm interested? Press 1 for YES or 2 for NO". Political Polling? The applications are endless! Use our interactive menus to customize the system for your best use and "call to action".

We can help educate you about your contacts!


VMB brings a new dimension to your sales, marketing, and research departments.

Add the human touch. Eliminate print and postage. Defray the high cost of labor. Watch sales increase and profits soar!

Get to know your customer better. Create new and lasting relationships. When it's time to make a purchase or decision, you will be in the forefront of their thoughts. One sale will lead to multiple sales. VMB helps you know what your customers want and need. 

Get the Word Out in Minutes
If you've ever had to phone multiple people with the same message, you know the frustration. You spend hours talking to people, leaving messages and hoping you've called everyone on your list. Fortunately, those days are over. That's because I-Link One Number's Message Broadcasting can do the hard work for you-quickly, seamlessly and automatically. 

Message Broadcasting lets you simultaneously broadcast a fax or voice message to up to 11,000 people. Or, using the On Demand feature, you can post up to 90 voice or fax messages on your account that callers can easily access without speaking with you. It's a feature that works equally well for sales teams, real estate agents and soccer moms alike. Best of all, if you record a message using Message Broadcasting and the intended party doesn't have voice mail, the system will call back until the message is delivered. There's no better or easier way to deliver a single message to multiple people. 

“Voice Broadcasting delivers a higher response rate than direct mail with the speed & low-cost advantage of e-mail... all this combined with the warmth of a personal call.”

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