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How We Do It 

- Let's take the mystery out of our technology -

High Speed Message Delivery:

Let's discuss BiCoastal's network. We utilize twenty-eight (28) T1 carriers integrated into our system. That's just a fancy way of saying we have a whole bunch of really fast phone lines attached to our computers. A T1 carrier is a phone connection supporting data transfer rates of 1,544,000 bits per second. You'd get dizzy trying to compare that speed to the speed of your home computer's modem. Technically, each BiCoastal T1 carrier consists of 24 individual channels. That means we can deliver 672 messages at one time, at a speed that results in 10,000 thirty-second messages being delivered in about 10 minutes! So whether you explain it in technical terms or layman's terms, BiCoastal-VMB is more than ready to serve your telephone message delivery needs.  We boast the largest VMB network on the planet!

Recorded Personal Voice Messages:

Let's talk in simple terms about BiCoastal's voice recordings. Messages are now being recorded digitally. What that means to you is that your voice will carry a sharpness and a clarity that exceeds anything you've previously experienced. With that digital format comes the ability to easily store recordings on a computer, to be accessed at any time. The end result of this digital technology is that the quality of a BiCoastal VMB voice recording is equal to a live phone conversation, which is critical when good use of inflection and tone are so important in attracting and maintaining attention.

How It Works

Voice Message Broadcasting provides you with the ability to deliver anywhere from a few to millions of targeted messages to select customers and prospects... AND allow them to respond with the push of a button. 

Your campaign can be constructed so that if an answering machine answers, one particular message is delivered (or the call is disconnected, if desired). If a live person answers, a different message is delivered, giving them the chance, with the push of a button, to respond to an offer, acknowledge receipt of an important announcement, renew a subscription, or with Instant-Connection
(tm)  even connect to one of your live sales agents instantly... the possibilities are endless!

What's involved?

We'll set up a personal, private, password-protected account for you to upload scripts and databases, and manage your campaigns and accounts.

Record scripts yourself via a toll-free number, or upload them online, or email them 
Or use our Professional Scripting and Recording Services! Experienced voice-broadcasting writers and professional voice talents will give you the professional touch you need... even celebrity voices!

Upload your contact databases, or email them, and have 24x7 storage and availability.

Our exclusive, Do Not Call Service can automatically screen your list for you.

Check out our incredible selection of Custom Databases... every description, criteria and demographic is available... homeowners, CEOs, elderly, businesses, specific by zip or area code... you name it!

Manage your campaigns online. Predetermine the number of successful deliveries, manage start/stop/changes easily and more. Add or change campaigns and begin delivery in minutes.

Easily obtain downloadable summary reports. 

Compare direct mail at 90 cents vs. Voice broadcasting at less than 10 cents
Lowest prices in the US!

“Voice Broadcasting delivers a higher response rate than direct mail with the speed and 
low-cost advantage of e-mail... all this combined with the warmth of a personal call.”

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How We Do It

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