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Q; How soon can I get started?

A: It takes about 48 hours to setup an account and deliver your first campaign. 

Q; How long does it take for numbers to be dialed?

A: A typical campaign of a hundred thousand numbers may be dialed in a few minutes. 

Q: Is there a set up fee?

A: No, but a pre-paid deposit is required. 

Q: Is there a minimum number of calls we must make?

A: No. However, most of our customers dial at least 1000 numbers per campaign. 

Q: Can you bill me later?

A: No. Each campaign or project is pre-paid by deducting its cost from the balance in your account.

Q: Who records the message?

A: It's your choice. It may be you, or you may arrange for someone else to do it.   We provide voice professionals and professional scripting assistance!

Q: Where do you get the phone numbers?

A: You supply them. Or, we can assist you with sources, who find numbers based on demographics, zip codes, area codes, or geographical areas. 

Q: Do you sell my numbers to others?

A: Never. Also, we prefer not to have names and addresses.

Q: Do we have to sign a long term contract for usage?

A: No. However, you must agree to our Voice Broadcast Services Agreement and Terms of Use. 

Q: Can we get a report on each campaign?

A: Two reports are available on-line. One is on the disposition of each number, while the other is a summary. Attempted, but busy calls are redialed at the end of the campaign. 

Q: How soon can I get my campaign started?

A: Once setup, your campaign messages can usually be delivered within minutes. 

Q: What would happen in a disaster that damages your local Southern California equipment?

A: We have redundant facilities in the South-east and another in the Mid-west. 

Q: How long should the message be?

A: That is up to you, however, many answering machines are programmed to cut off after 30 seconds. 

Q: What happens when the phone is answered when it rings?

A: The message plays. 

Q: What happens when the phone is answered during the message?

A: The message continues to play to the end. 

Q: Can I record two messages, one for answering machines, and one for instances when the phone is answered by a person?

A: Yes. Our equipment will identify each situation and deliver the appropriate message. 

Q: What if a recipient prefers not to be called?

A: Your message should contain a toll-free call-back number for those wishing to notify you. 

Q: What if we need training or support?

A: We can support you on-line, by phone, or in person. Merely let us know what you need. 

Q: What are the regulations that govern the use of our service?

A: There are both State and Federal Regulations that must be followed. Please refer to the our RESOURCES page. 

“Voice Broadcasting delivers a higher response rate than direct mail with the speed and low-cost advantage of e-mail... all this combined with the warmth of a personal call.”

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