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Through research and discussion we have learned that The May Co.’s success is directly attributed to their progressive efforts to expand their use of information technology. They are focused on acquisition and retention and have made Customer Satisfaction the basis for a business model tailored to accommodate a wide range of product offerings. They have set out to satisfy the varied needs of a consumer base that many other credit card issuers have chosen to cut out of their market. 

As a partner, our approach encompasses a three-part strategy: 

  1. Play a role in increasing response to marketing campaigns.

  2. Leverage our script writing expertise and knowledge of how the human voice impacts the   behavior of consumers to strengthen customer relationships.

  3. Increase the lifetime value of your firm’s customer.
    We invite you to consider the following detailed strategies that will assist your company in your efforts to achieve your goals. The strategies that we are recommending have been monitored and tested with tightly controlled variables. As a result of this scientific testing we have been able to establish a proprietary knowledgebase of principles that allow us to consistently deliver marketing breakthroughs and maximize ROI.


Strategy 1
Customer Acquisition: Lower your customer acquisition costs. Acquiring new customers is always a priority and is costly. We can help you reach a large number of prospects within hours to facilitate the expansion of your member base. The low cost structure of Voice Broadcasting ensures the lowest cost for a acquiring a new customer.
· Pre-call on acquisition focused direct mail and your print adds to increase response.
· Stand alone call campaigns to drive general population consumers to your stores.
· Drive consumers to your website to apply for credit card.
· Stand alone call campaigns to your credit card holders to offer private sales, other benefits, and to announce a new product line.

Strategy 2
Loyalty/Retention: Improve customer loyalty and retention by maintaining a close, personal relationship with your customers. This strategy includes several types of messages that accomplish two main goals: Shows the customer you appreciate their business/loyalty, and provides information which allows them to maximize their relationship with you by taking advantage of features and benefits. We run this strategy in a “Wave Campaign” format which consists of three or more messages.
· Goodwill call – Welcome new members, thank them for their business, anniversary messages.
· Informational call – alternative methods of bill payment, Rewards program status, time-sensitive information, benefits to shopping online, special offers, updates
· Reward call – credit line increases, special offers for long-time customers, additional credit lines for online shopping

Case Studies (based on research of The May Co.’s VM campaign):

1. Retention/Loyalty: Pre-call on President’s Letter to preferred credit card holders. The client’s goal was to increase anticipation for the letter and to highlight a special discount coupon that would allow them to save additional money during an upcoming sale event.
Outcome: The client's results exceeded their expectations. They received a 15% response rate for the group who received the pre-call message compared to the group that did not, which received only 7%. The lift in sales revenue for the promo group was 100% higher than historical record.

2. Retention/Customer Loyalty: Pre-call on direct mail catalog. The client’s goal was to contact current customers to increase anticipation for the catalog and highlight a special discount that would allow them to save additional money during the holiday season.
Outcome: The pre-call message increased the historical average order from $66.00 to $133.00. This represented an increase of their average catalog order of over 50%.

Strategy 3

Cross-sell/Up-sell: Target your company’s leading customer base and provide that customer niche with information regarding product & service upgrades, added value tips and other offers specific to their needs. 
· Credit insurance
· Credit line increases
· Additional credit card offers
· Travel services
· Awards programs

Strategy 4
Account Management: Use task related messages to move your customers along in a process that ensures highest customer return and smooth business transactions. This increases consumer knowledge of the tools you provide and lowers costs or missed opportunities resulting from delays in critical processes. 
· Activation of credit card.
· Documentation return to accept credit limit increase.
· Bill payment reminder.
· Drive to web for customer transactions.

One of the most unique features of Voice Broadcasting is the ability to know exactly who you left a message with, who was home between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., who has a disconnected phone number, who has a fax machine, etc… Our reports not only give you a summary of how many calls were made and what percentage of the calls each of the categories were but a detailed report which shows each number, what time it was called, what date it was called, and the result of the call. These reports can be given to you on a weekly basis via e-mail. 

The pricing model that we have developed is “all inclusive”. Pricing for Voice Broadcasting services is done using a “cost per dial” method that includes the following:
· Strategy Development – overall analysis of current marketing plan in relation to the project we are being asked to work on and integration of VB into that plan.
· Script Concept – development of two or three initial concepts by which to approach the consumer with your specific offer.
· Written Script Development – after the Concept and Strategy have been established, two scripts will be written that support it using two different appeals.
· Message Recording – using voice talent specifically chosen for the appeal and offer being made. A voice which is consistent with your branding efforts.
· Analysis and Adjustment – by analyzing the results of the campaign which includes the rate of response, type of responder and conversion ratio, we will adjust the script appropriately and retest until we have an agreed upon control script.

Volume of dials and term of commitment are the two indicators considered when developing a pricing model. Give us a call for custom pricing.

“Voice Broadcasting delivers a higher response rate than direct mail with the speed and 
low-cost advantage of e-mail... all this combined with the warmth of a personal call.”

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