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Voice Message Broadcasting Campaign Types

Simple Voice Message Broadcasting - This is a basic voice broadcast call is where our phone system dials from a list of numbers you provide and plays one standard message either to an individual, allowing them to press one to be connected to your call center or allows a message to be left only to answering machines, or both.  Typically when a person chooses our "Press One" campaign they also choose to allow us to leave a message on people's answering machines or in their voice-mail boxes if no one picks up the phone.   No person or agent is required to talk with the contacted party (recipient), who simply listens to the message and then receives the option of pressing one to be connected live to a "call center representative" or someone on your sales team. Our simple Voice Message Broadcasting can be useful when you wish to simply provide information or announce an event, provide a reminder, or request an action from the contacted individual with whom you currently have a transactional relationship. 

Custom Voice Message Broadcasting - Like the Simple Message Broadcasting, the phone system plays a customized message based upon the number dialed, therefore each message could be different to each group of numbers dialed.   This voice message system is useful when you wish to perform targeted marketing or if you want to provide custom reminders with names, addresses, amounts, dates or times included in the message.  Additional set-up fees pertain to setting up this form of VMB - Voice Message Broadcasting System. 

Voice Message Broadcasting and Touch-Tone Response - This type of VMB expands the call technique by playing a message that gives the contacted individual options from which to select. Using touch-tone keys the recipient enters responses such as "Press 1 for...", or "Press 33 to be added to the petition...", the choices could include obtaining additional information, being removed from the call list, leaving a voice message, requesting documents, being added to a political petition, leaving a credit card number and other billing information or terminating the call.  Different voice messages can be left on an answering machine or the answering machine could be ignored completely.   As with our other services this method does not require interaction of your personnel with the system for our systems to complete their mission.

Message Broadcasting and Call Transfer -  This is similar to the prior call method but with the option to transfer the call to a third party, what we typically refer to as "Press One".   Using touch-tone responses the contacted individual can request that the call be transferred to an outside agent.  The phone system dials another number and when contact is made with the third party or different phone system, the call is transferred, we hold both "legs" of this call for the entire duration of the call, thereby providing us the ability to provide rich statistical information critical for analyzing marketing efforts.  

Direct Connect - What we call Our "Press One Campiagn"

During the Call Message the Recipient will hear the following several times:

"To speak with a representative now, press ONE...press ONE now..."

There's nothing more powerful than instant response, American's and many throughout the globe are used to "instant gratification" and with our "Press ONE Campaigns", we are able to provide your customers and prospects have the ability to respond to your offer instantly, with the push of a button, thus providing them the instant gratification they crave and seek out in business relationships. 

"Please hold while we connect you."

They will be transferred immediately to your call center or sales office, no matter where, home, mobile phones...call center...we will then hold both "legs" of the call providing you with detailed reports to analyze your marketing efforts.  After the caller/recipient presses one, they are connected with you and you can speak directly with them to close the sale, gather needed information, verify or change appointments... the possibilities are endless, with Voice Message Broadcasting!

This service has been proven to increase effectiveness of telemarketing campaigns as much as 138%.   And set-up is as easy as a phone call to us to get the "ball rolling" to speak colloquially.

VMB Most Used by, Mortgage/Loan Brokers, Home Security System Companies, Pest Control Companies, Mortgage Companies, Debt Consolidation Companies, Healthcare Sales, Insurance Sales, Auto Dealerships and more!

Compare direct mail at 90 cents per mailing vs. 

Voice broadcasting at .04995/minute in 6 second increments!

Can go even LOWER on Mass VOLUME!

No set-up fees! 
Lowest prices - Guaranteed!


“Voice Broadcasting delivers a higher response rate than direct mail with the speed

low-cost advantage of e-mail... all this combined with the warmth of a personal call.”

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