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Voice Message Broadcasting - VMB

America’s largest companies are using a new media to
break through the Information Overload… and its NOT
Permission-Based Marketing or E-mail…


Voice Message Broadcasting - VMB   Benefits of Voice Message Broadcasting

Savvy marketers are always looking for new, innovative ways to break through the marketing clutter and capture the attention of their customers. According to Seth Godin, author of “Permission Marketing”, your customers are exposed to over 3,000 advertisements a day on the radio, TV, driving down the street, reading the newspaper and even cold calls during dinner.

· Your mailbox is packed with bills and junk mail 
· Your email In-box is flooded with marketing messages and Spam
· You are exposed to 8 sixty-second messages every hour on TV
· While listening to the radio you are exposed to 20 minutes of ads every hour
· While driving down the street you see billboards every few miles
· People are being interrupted during dinner more than ever by telemarketers

So, what are your options and how do you make your message stand apart? How do you increase response rates and improve loyalty to your brand? “Permission Marketing” was last year’s buzzword and there is no question that it works. By using permission-based strategies to communicate with your customers you are going to cut through some of the clutter. But this year you have a new media to help you break through that clutter and communicate with your customers in a place that is virtually untapped.  Services also include credit card risk processing, providing secured credit card payment processing for high risk merchants like call centers and telemarketers please visit:  www.ccRiskProcessing.com for more information on risk processing services.

I don't know if you have ever thought about it, but the home answering machine is the only uncluttered place left to communicate with your customers and prospects. When you come home and listen to your answering machine, you don’t hear too many messages from companies communicating information. Most, if not all, of the messages are from friends and family. Generally you’ll have a pen and paper in hand, ready to write down information. Not to mention that over 50% of answering machines are next to the home computer. As you can imagine this is powerful place to communicate with your customers and prospects.

But, how do you leave thousands of messages on home answering machines? Do you need to hire an army of telemarketers or sub-contract with a call center to help you contact thousands of customers and prospects? These strategies will work but both will have significant costs with long set up periods.

Thanks to proprietary technology breakthroughs, now you have a simple and cost-effective answer to these questions. The birth of this new media called Voice Broadcasting can quickly and cost-effectively accomplish this task.

Voice Broadcasting will help you break through the attention crisis.

With the bandwidth to give marketers virtually unlimited call capability. In fact, several of our current clients are dialing in the millions of calls per day. The messages are left on a home answering machine and sound like a representative from your company personally called. The quality of the message is so good you cannot tell the difference between a real human voice and the enhance digital message of voice message broadcasting commonly referred to as auto-dialing, however we do not use the commonly sold auto-dialers.

Voice broadcasting a message is like having the only commercial for the day on TV or radio because very few marketers leave voice messages.

The new media, voice broadcasting, creates opportunities for marketers that have never existed before. You can use this new media to cross-sell, pre-call direct mail, lower the cost of customer acquisition and even enhance the customer experience. Any marketing strategy can be improved by integrating voice broadcasting into the marketing mix.

Although this media is relatively new, it is proven.  Our affiliates have been leaving messages for marketers over the past 3 years so we have proven results and case studies. Now marketers have the ability to communicate in the last uncluttered place - the home answering machine – for the cost of a phone call.

“Voice Broadcasting delivers a higher response rate than direct mail with the speed and 
low-cost advantage of e-mail... all this combined with the warmth of a personal call.”

Contact us Today for a personal quote, please visit:  www.VoiceMessageBroadcasting.com

Voice broadcasting is effective if paired with hosted ACD solutions thereby making call distribution easier.

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When Recording a Message for Voice Message Broadcast you should record and save as a .wav file: standard wav 8 bit mono